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Science , Engineering & Innovation – Global U.S. Rankings

Global Rankings – Science

The National Science Board (Board) is required under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Act to prepare and transmits the biennial Science and Engineering Indicators  report. Indicators provides information on the state of the U.S. science and engineering (S&E) enterprise over time and within a global context. 

The 28 nations that make up the EU collectively have the highest output of S&E publications globallyChina’s S&E publication output ranks next, followed by the United States.

The citation impact of China’s publications is rising rapidly, although it is currently lower than that of the United States and the EU. With respect to industrial output between 2003 and 2018, the U.S. share of worldwide value-added output declined for R&D-intensive industries even though the U.S. level of output rose.


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EU collectively have the highest output of S&E publications globally…